Cristina Popovici: Memory Maps - Art Collector

Courtesy: the artist and Angela Tandori Fine Art.

Cristina Popovici’s exhibition, Memory Maps, depicts past experiences in a new light through dual entities - the presence and absence of colour through the use of silver leaf material. Colour has always been a key visual element which is challenged in this exhibition. Contrasting bright tones, marks coated in silver leaf create a mercurial atmosphere. Light is a key component that adds impact to the bi-dimensional gestures; the dimmer the tones and the less light present, the more life the mark embodies.

After sustained commercial success in New Zealand and a successful career spanning two decades, Popovici and her large scale abstract works make a valuable addition to the Melbourne art world.

Exhibition opens: 3-5pm Saturday 29 November 2014
Exhibition closes: 18 December 2014
Location: Angela Tandori Fine Art, 55 Victoria Parade Collingwood VIC 3066
Contact: 03 9416 3778
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