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New Zealand painter Séraphine Pick, profiled in the current issue of Art Collector. Photo: Russell Kleyn.

Art Collector Issue 85:

News & events
News and views on the art world.

Open dialogue
Andrew Frost and Carrie Miller discuss some of the reasons why people collect art.

On the couch
Anna Schwartz and Peter Jopling AM on
the newly returned Melbourne Art Fair.

Behind the scenes
What’s the optimum length of time for a successul commercial exhibition?

Exhibition preview
Tai Mitsuji previews Chiharu Shiota’s
forthcoming Australian survey.

Collector’s Dossier
Rick Amor has earned the quiet respect of the art world, Sasha Grishin writes.

Séraphine Pick: Virtual Humanity
Lucinda Bennett talks to Séraphine Pick about making the fantastic tangible.

Tiger Yaltangki: Controlled Chaos
Tiger Yaltangki is an artist on the brink of big things, Nic Brown writes.

Yasmin Smith: Ashes to Ashes
Rachel Tolosa Paz delves into the complex ceramic practice of Yasmin Smith.

Philip Wolfhagen: In Our Nature
Briony Downes talks to the master of atmosphere: Philip Wolfhagen.

Elizabeth Willing: Good Taste
Jo Higgins explores how Elizabeth Willing pushes the limits of anything edible.

ON THE COVER: On the cover: Karla Dickens, Warrior woman XII, 2017. Mixed media, 30 x 18 x 10cm. Courtesy: the artist and Andrew Baker Art Dealer, Brisbane. Photo: Mick Richards.

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