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Camille Hannah. Silence Series, 2017. Oil on plexiglass, 188 x 159cm. Courtesy of the artist and Sophie Gannon Gallery, Melbourne.

Art Collector Issue 84:

News & events
News and views on the art world.

Open dialogue
Andrew Frost and Carrie Miller discuss the most elusive of the arts professionals: artist/curators.

Money sullies art
Jane O’Sullivan looks at art prizes and how collectors can distinguish the meaningful prizes from the blue ribbons in country halls.

Lifecycle of a collector
Joanna Mendelssohn on the many paths art can take after death, decluttering or different taste.

Exhibition preview
Sasha Grishin previews the much-anticipated resurrection of The Field, returning to the National Gallery of Victoria this yea

Collector’s Dossier
Jenny Watson: Considered Intimacy
Alison Kubler on one of the most eminent voices in Australian art today.

Yang Yongliang: Mist in Virtual Mountains
Andrew Stooke on how this artist reflects on contemporary China using cutting-edge technology to stunning effect.

Susan Marawarr: A Sleeping Giant
Louise Martin-Chew explores the practice of the artist who is constantly innovating her practice, yet remains connected to her Country.

Deborah Paauwe: Secret World
Andrew Purvis ponders Deborah Paauwe’s photographic studies of girlhood and womanhood and the blurred lines between the two.

John Young: Algorithms of Colour
After more than 70 solo exhibitions worldwide, John Young continues to innovate his artistic practice. Briony Downes surveys his evolution.

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