Dale Cox: Inner Logic - Art Collector

Dale Cox, ‘The wonder of you’, 2018. Acrylic on board, 120 x 90cm. Courtesy: the artist and Australian Galleries, Melbourne.

‘Inner Logic’ continues Dale Cox’s insightful and evocative explorations into environmental, spiritual and anthropological themes; investigating the impact of humankind on this planet and our collective search for meaning. Australian Galleries presents a dynamic series of recent paintings in Dale Cox’s highly distinctive visual language, in which elements from the natural world and icons from popular, religious, industrial and historical culture are assembled in precarious, yet harmonious balance upon a backdrop of the vast unknown. Meticulously executed in acrylic paint, these works are visually intricate and conceptually dense, yet the clarity and significance of their message resonates with immediacy and power.

Exhibition opens: 6–8pm 24 July 2018
Exhibition closes: 12 August 2018
Location: Australian Galleries – 35 Derby St, Collingwood VIC
Website: australiangalleries.com.au
Phone: +61 3 9417 4303
Website: melbourne@australiangalleries.com.au


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