Damien Baumgartner: A Retrospective - Art Collector

Damien Baumgartner, The Sea Eagle. Oil on canvas 80 x 120cm

Damien Baumgartner investigates the haunting quality of an empty highway and it is the inspiration for his work. Focusing on the mudane, Baumgartner's roadsides force a new reading of our urban position. Baumgartner has been selected as a finalist for the Brett Whiteley Travelling Scholarship (2005) and for the Glover Landscape Prize (2004). This retrospective highlights the artists' development in both style and subject matter.

Opening: 6-8pm Saturday 7 July
Exhibition closes: 1 August 2012
Location: Brave Art Gallery, 61 Wellington Street, Longford 7301
Contact: 03 6391 2451
Email: ness@braveartgallery.com.au

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