Dane Mitchell: Tuning   - Art Collector

Dane Mitchell, 'Sketches of Meteorological Phenomena', 2017. Sand, glass, multiple elements, installation dimensions vary. Image courtesy the artist and Hopkinson Mossman, Wellington.

For Tuning at Hopkinson Mossman, Wellington, Dane Mitchell presents a large discone antenna in the gallery space. The brass and plated aluminium antenna is connected to a transmitter, generating an electromagnetic field across FM bandwidth. It’s audio-transmission is ‘spurious emission’ – static – sound that is camouflaged in the broadcast spectrum amongst background noise. Tuning is the first work that relates closely to Mitchell’s project for Venice in 2019. The object, and the transmission it produces, operate as artwork-as-signal, and at the same time, artwork-as-transmission-of-signal. The work enters broadcast space, spreading itself invisibly, yet acoustically, into the world.
Exhibition opens: 6-8pm, Wednesday 12 September 2018
Exhibition closes: Saturday 13 October
Location: HOPKINSON MOSSMAN, Level 2, 22 Garrett Street, Te Aro, Wellington
Website: hopkinsonmossman.com
Phone: +64 4 213 9837
Email: info@hopkinsonmossman.com


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