Dani Marti: Run, Run, Run - Art Collector

Dani Marti, Run, Run, Run (gold), 2014. Corner cube reflectors and natural crystal beads on aluminium frame, 95 x 9 5x 20cm. Courtesy: the artist and ARC ONE gallery, Melbourne

While Dani Marti’s previous work constituted a confronting encounter, challenging conventions around self-portraiture, his new series pushes the idea of portraiture even further with the use of old-fashioned reflective devices: mirrors.These works metaphorically invoke ‘Alice in Wonderland’, specifically the identity anxiety she experiences of her own body image, its instability reflecting the fact that the mirror is not a stable representation of reality. Alice finds herself getting bigger, getting smaller. This slippage of reality creates the discomfort she feels at never being the right size. It also evokes her greater existential angst of growing up and being misunderstood by the world.

Exhibition opens: 5pm Wednesday 16 July 2014
Exhibition closes: 16 August 2014
Location: ARC ONE Gallery, 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000

Contact: 03 9650 0589
Email: mail@arc1gallery.com

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