Danielle Freakley: Equal Opportunity to be a Dictator - Art Collector

Danielle Freakley, 'Friend', resin, rock, ink, dimensions variable, 2017. Courtesy of the artist and MARS Gallery.

After 3 years of performing The Quote Generator, Freakley spent a further 3 years in a shed, talking to no one and making sculptures.

In making these sculptures a new and sprawling work of intimate pieces developed collaborating with an international team of professional fools, psychologists, actors, artists, lawyers, managers, philosophers, children, witches, politicians, experimental musicians, a brain tumour, sociologists, clowns, a foetus, writers, mathematicians, builders, magicians, choreographers, ants, etc. This is ongoing and with a direct lineage to these sculptures. She is not prepared to talk about this current ongoing work publicly but she will tell you what to say and you can tell her what to say.

This is your equal opportunity to become a Dictator.

Exhibition Opens:
6pm-8pm, Thursday 5 April 2018
Exhibition Closes
: 28 April 2018
MARS Gallery, 7 James Street Windsor
+61 3 9521 7517
Email: alana@marsgallery.com.au
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