Daria Healy: Curiosity Killed The Cat - Art Collector

Daria Healy, Aquarian Lady, 2012. Fine liner with watercolour and salt, 28.5 x 38cm

“I like to leave things open for self interpretation which is what I aim for; a piece of work that isn’t telling you what to think but to provoke that person to think in general. It seems that a lot of people are lacking a wild imagination these days and I want my stories and drawings to help them open their minds a little more, take them on a bizarre and random tangent. The works could be described as bold and quirky with delicate attention to detail. Curiosity Killed The Cat will present you with a bad arse illustrated limited edition story book that will either make you raise one eyebrow and rub your chin or make you fall ridiculously in love with it. “

Opening drinks: 6-8pm Wednesday 25 July
Location: The Art Vault, 43 Deakin Ave Mildura, 3502
Contact: 03 5022 0013
Email: juliechambers@theartvault.com.au

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