Daryl Austin: Fictions - Art Collector

Daryl Austin, Dublin 1911, 2003. Oil on panel, 20 x 25cm. Courtesy: the artist and Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide

Fictions showcases a series of 12 small paintings which appear to be colourised vintage portrait photographs. This body of work presents a collision and fusion of painterly and photographic imagery - alternating between realism and abstraction, these works question our faith in the veracity of both portraiture and photography. Faces are reconfigured and recomposed, backgrounds shift and landscapes and objects appear to fade away. How certain can we be, when reality and artifice are so linked, that the portrait of the man depicted in Trenton 1933 can ever have existed, let alone in that time and place? We can be more certain that the painter is seeking to use a flexible, shifting painting process in conjunction with imagination and visual memory to engender alternate realities.

Exhibition opens: 6pm Wednesday 20 November 2013
Exhibition closes: 20 December 2013
Location: Greenaway Art Gallery, 39 Rundle Street (enter from new side lane way entrance), Kent Town SA 5067
Contact: 08 8362 6354
Email: gag@greenaway.com.au

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