David Burrows: I to Eye - Art Collector

David Burrows, Untitled, 2013. Inkjet print on rag photographique, 100 x 100cm. Courtesy: the artist and Mars Gallery, Port Melbourne

David Burrows’ new body of work I to Eye extends the artists ongoing interest in binocular visual depth perception. This project takes the form of a series of head studies presented in medium format stereoscopes inset into custom-built boxes. Using the visceral experience of looking directly into the eyes of another person as a point of departure, these works exploit the mechanism's stereoscopic vision to create a place of encounter, confrontation and intimacy.

In the moment of eye contact we feel ourselves seeing as well as being seen. When we meet eye-to-eye vision becomes touch. The cold voyeuristic distance of the sight collapses into a feedback loop of two beings searching and sensing each other. Be it confrontational or intimate, caring or pleading, confessional, coy, bold, or aggressive - a truth is always present in that moment.

Opening: 6pm Thursday 6 June 2013
Exhibition closes: 30 June 2013
Location: Mars Gallery, 418 Bay Street, Port Melbourne VIC 3207
Contact: 03 9681 8425
Email: andy@marsgallery.com.au

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