David Capra: Teena’s Bathtime - Eau de Wet Dogge: A fragrance launch - Art Collector

The Teena design was originally created for Teena’s Bathtime, commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia for the Jackson Bella Room, 2015. Courtesy: the artist and Gallery9, Darlinghurst

Join artist David Capra and Teena the Dachshund for the launch of Eau De Wet Dogge. This new fragrance celebrates Teena’s infamous ritual cleanse – sometimes embraced, sometimes dreaded, depending on Teena’s mood. Moist fur, soap suds and soil unite at the base to give this fragrance a uniquely musky charm. Sour top notes of slobber and dog breath add alluring nuance. Eau De Wet Dogge is a fragrance with a difference.

Exhibition opens: 6-8pm Wednesday 11 November 2015
Exhibition closes: 28 November 2015
Location: Gallery 9, 9 Darley St Darlinghurst NSW 2010
Contact: 02 9380 9909
Email: info@gallery9.com.au
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