Debutantes: Imogen Taylor - Art Collector

Issue 59, January - March 2012

This profile appeared in the Debutantes feature, part of the annual special issue 50 Things Collectors Need to Know 2012.

Born: 1985
First commercial gallery solo exhibition: January 2012, Michael Lett, Auckland

To say that Imogen Taylor is creatively restless would be an understatement. She was educated in Auckland and began her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Elam School of Fine Arts in Auckland in 2003. But straight out of art school she joined the band The Ruby Suns and began an international tour through North America, Europe and the United Kingdom. Taylor’s role in the band was flautist, but she also dabbled with bass guitar, keyboards and percussion.

In art school she had fluctuated between drawings that suggested crude narratives, abject comics and erotic caricatures. Ironically, for all her works on paper, she graduated with a body of work that was predominantly video. Soon after she returned to drawing – obsessive, fetishistic, grotesquely sexual and distinctly visceral.

Her most recent work sees another major shift, settling into a less overt sense of eroticism while retaining her distinctly sensuous line work. From drawing to painting to video to comics to rock bands and album covers and even a stint at directing a film, Taylor is a feverish maverick of styles who is still in her mid 20s.

Ashley Crawford

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