Denise Green: After the Saar - Paintings, Drawings, Photographs - Art Collector

Denise Green, Independence, 2014. Acrylic and pencil on canvas, 173 x 223.5cm. Courtesy: the artist and Gallery9, Darlinghurst

Denise Green’s vibrant paintings are characterised by the interaction of colour, gesture and form on a minimal plane. Her distinctive fan-shaped motifs drift across areas of richly pigmented negative space, interspersed with clusters of calligraphic lines. Inviting contemplation for their simplicity and spaciousness, Green has described her paintings as 'vessels' that hold ineffable states of emotion.

An interest in translating subjective experience has led to a recent series of collages, presented here alongside her paintings. Green breaks up photographs of specific locations by collaging-in vertical strips of abstract drawing. The objective photograph is both challenged and enhanced by the integration of Green's ambiguous drawn line. In these works Green presents a phenomenological experience of reality that entwines internal consciousness with the observable view.

Exhibition opens: 6-8pm Wednesday 6 April 2016
Exhibition closes: 30 April 2016
Location: Gallery 9, 9 Darley St Darlinghurst NSW 2010
Contact: 02 9380 9909

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