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21 February 2011 | Former Kaliman Gallery manager Adam Sims has been announced as the associate director of New Albion Gallery, a new gallery being launched by the backers of auction house Deutscher+Hackett.

Since Kaliman Gallery closed in March 2010, Sims worked briefly with secondary market dealer Denis Savill before beginning the discussion with Deutscher+Hackett’s owners Chris Deutscher, Damien Hackett and Ian Hicks about launching a new gallery.

Sims says that, despite first appearances, it’s not such a leap for the backers of an auction house to step into the primary market, pointing out that over the past 10 to 15 years auction houses become much slicker and much savvier retail operations. (It’s not so long ago, he says, that auction catalogues didn’t even run pictures of the lots.)

He is clearly pleased to be launching a gallery with this level of support behind it. “Artists today need more resources,” Sims says, “and this is the perfect model for having that.”

While his experience at Kaliman Gallery might suggest that Sims would excel at putting together a younger stable of emerging artists, his vision for New Albion Gallery is firmly blue chip.

He is not able to reveal the details of his stable just yet, but says he expects around 60 per cent to be established senior artists from Australia, with the remaining 40 per cent drawn internationally.

“I actually don’t like seeing collectors throw their money away,” he says when asked why there’ll be no younger artists on the roster. Instead, his interest is in “the best, the most serious” modern and contemporary art.

Doug Hall has already been secured as a consulting curator, and Sims anticipates that his expertise in Asian art will also have an influence on the gallery’s exhibition program.

New Albion Gallery is currently scheduled to open in mid 2011. It will occupy Deutscher+Hackett’s exhibition rooms at 55 Oxford Street in Sydney, but new premises will be sought once the gallery is established.

Jane O'Sullivan

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