Discussion: The new beginning - What's the future for our galleries? - Art Collector

Courtesy: Art Month Sydney

Are these impossible times for our art galleries to survive? In the wake of the global financial crisis there has been a shift toward new business models amongst gallerists to combat rising rental costs, lower expendable incomes, and the constant demand for the next big thing.

Amanda Rowell, Barry Keldoulis, Joseph Allen Shea and Michael Reid will discuss innovative approaches to an evolving commercial art market and ways to deliver unique experiences for their artists and audiences locally and internationally.

This is a free event running as part of
Art Month Sydney.

Time: 2pm-4pm Sunday 24 March 2013
Location: Collector's Space, 125A Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Contact: 02 9550 1021
Email: info@artmonthsydney.com.au

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