Elaine Green: Clouds, Mist And Other Illusions - Art Collector

Elaine Green, Wollumbin Warning oil on linen 101 x 76cm. Courtesy the artist and Anthea Polson.

Coalescing, dissolving – ever shifting, clouds and mists wreath primordial peaks in Elaine Green’s work. The imagery portrays the majesty of the northern NSW landscape but also emanates a metaphysical sensibility. In world mythologies cloud-crowned mountains have represented an elevation above the mundanity of everyday life. They were the abode of the gods and divine power. For spiritual aspirants the way up was obscured in veils of mist. Green’s landscapes are similarly places of profound quietude that encourage the mind to rise aloft, to be aware of the transience of all things: the illusion of any notion of permanence.

Exhibition Opens:
3pm-5pm, Saturday 2 September, 2017
Exhibition Closes: 23 September, 2017
Location: Anthea Polson Art, Shop 120 Marina Mirage, 74 Seaworld Drive, Main Beach QLD 4217
Website: www.antheapolsonart.com.au
Contact: +61 7 5561 11166
Email: info@antheapolsonart.com.au
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