Emma Coulter: Composites - Art Collector

Emma Coulter, 'lifestyle perfection', 2018. Synthetic polymer paint on linen, 120 x 96cm. Courtesy: the artist and This Is No Fantasy, Fitzroy.

 Through the meticulous and familiar arrangement of a sequence of colours, ‘Composites’ brings together a new proposition of geometry in Coulter’s work, whilst also extending the dialogue into new material and spatial forms. Ideas are combined, in creation of more complex and detailed compositions that embrace a feeling of ‘decoration’ rather than reduction.

The spatial dialogue reverberates across genres, through painting, installation and sculpture, across architectural space, three dimensional objects and two-dimensional planes.

Exhibition opens: Saturday 27 October 2018
Exhibition closes: 17 November 2018
Location: This Is No Fantasy, 109-110 Gertrude St, Fitzroy VIC
Phone: +61 3 9417 7172
Email: info@thisisnofantasy.com


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