Emma McIntyre: Rose on Red - Art Collector

Emma McIntyre, ‘Grid (hot pink dot)’, 2018. Oil and flashe on linen, 160 x 220cm. Courtesy: the artist and Hopkinson Mossman, Wellington.

Emma McIntyre’s paintings in Rose on Red, continue a material experimentation with perspective and depth in non-figurative space. The structure and concept of the grid guides this process, opening up interstices in lineages of representational and abstract painting.

Sometimes the grid is a real effect of the surface, paint applied over a square nylon mesh. Other times the grid is a barely discernible impression. But always, like the Gertrude Stein poem from which the exhibition title is drawn, materials serve a textural purpose that does not directly body forth singular meaning, but places momentum in previously undiscerned regions.
Exhibition opens: 6-8pm, Thursday 12 July 2018
Exhibition closes: 11 August 2018
Location: Hopkinson Mossman, Level 2 22 Garrett St, Te Aro, Wellington, New Zealand.
Website: hopkinsonmossman.com
 Phone: +64 4 213 9837
 Email: info@hopkinsonmossman.com


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