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Courtesy: the artist, Lynnette Griffiths and Erub Erwer Meta, Torres Strait

Erub (Darnley Island) is a tropical volcanic island located approximtely 160 kilometres north of Cape York, in the north east of the Torres Strait and on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef. The island is home to approximately 400 Meuram people whose seafaring heritage has vast artistic and cultural traditions, such as elaborately decorated canoes, carved stone, and intricately made dance costuming and weaponry. Stories of creation and events are passed down through song and dance, keeping cultural traditions and family connections vibrantly alive.

Erub was the first community to accept Christian teachings in the region, when Pacific Islander missionaries of the London Missionary Society visited the area in 1871. Many Erub artists choose to use this history and connections to the Pacific as inspiration in their work. Erub is also known for its pearl diving tradition; tales of the Darnley Deeps and harvesting tons of pearl shell are legendary. Remote Indigenous Broadcasting Service (RIBS) also operates from the centre, bringing all artistic forms together under the one roof.

Erub Arts was originally established as a craft group called Ekkilau before the art centre was built in 2005. Erub Arts operates from within the local school grounds, operating as an intergenerational learning centre where adults and children can work together in artist mentor roles.

Current artists

• Alma Sailor
• Ellarose Savage
• Emma Gela
• Florence Gutchen
• Franklin Mye
• Jimmy Thaiday
• Kapua Gutchen
• Nancy Naawi
• Racy Oui-Pitt
• Sedey Stephen
• Jimmy K Thaiday
• Nancy Kiwat
• Lavinia Ketchell
• Lorenzo Ketchell
• Ethel Charlie

Access information

Travel to Erub can be made from Cairns via Horn Island. The centre is open from Monday to Friday and by appointment over the weekend. Visitor information is available through the art centre office.
Erub Erwer Meta
PO Box 96 Darnley Island
via Thursday Island QLD 4875

07 4090 0827