Esther Stewart: Behind Closed Doors - Art Collector

Esther Stewart, Urban rituals. Acrylic on board, 151.5 x 121.7cm. Courtesy: the artist and Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney

Behind Closed Doors, Stewart’s first solo exhibition at Sarah Cottier Gallery, further extends the physical possibilities of her work and the ongoing tussle bewtween form and function, art and design. Utilising both gallery spaces and incorporating a series of paintings, carpets and architectural stands as painting supports, it is a full architectural experience in both its aesthetic representation and its material manifestation.

Esther Stewart’s paintings examine the endless possibilities offered by the visual language of architecture, design and geometry. In her hands, the axioms of Euclidian geometry result in new and utopian interiors that are both impenetrable and inviting. Blocks of tessellating patterns jostle against each other creating the illusion of three-dimensional space; intuitively appealing systems, deductions and propositions play out against each other in seemingly limitless permutations. The remarkable frisson generated by Esther Stewart’s juxtaposition of contrasting patternation is aided by her exacting colour palette which employs unusual combinations of bottle green, egg yolk yellow, maroon and duck egg blue.

Exhibition opens: 6-8pm Friday 8 April 2016
Exhibition closes: 7 May 2016
Location: Sarah Cottier Gallery, 23 Roylston Street, Paddington NSW 2021
Contact: 02 9356 3305

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