Evan Woodruffe wins $10,000 Molly Morpeth prize - Art Collector

21 March 2011 | Auckland-based painter Evan Woodruffe has won the $10,000 Molly Morpeth Canaday Art Award, a New Zealand prize for painting and drawing.

Woodruffe was selected by judge Jennifer Buckley for a work titled
Untitled (02-14).

“In our digital age, when it no longer need record the natural world, painting must redefine its role in order to remain relevant as a 21st century art form. Artists must use the medium to create something no other media can: celebrate its properties, its versatility, its unique energy,” says Buckley.

“The winning work does this masterfully. Its complex composition is filled with movement, tension and mystery. It offers texture and subtle variations in colour.”

Secondary prizes were awarded to Hannah Depree, Kathy Barber and Kelly Pretty, among others.

Jane O'Sullivan

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