Fiona Lowry: The ties that bind - Art Collector

Fiona Lowry, ‘Sometimes your a stranger to me’, 2018. Acrylic on canvas, 210 x 260cm. Courtesy: the artist and Martin Browne Contemporary, Sydney.

 ‘The ties that bind’, an exhibition by Archibald Prize winner Fiona Lowry will be launched on 18 October. The artist’s newest suite of works is ambitious both by virtue of the work’s considerable scale and by their subject matter. Lowry’s exhibition can be read as a contemporary response to the larger Australian art historical tradition of landscape painting – arguably the great Australian narrative – her characteristic use of airbrush effects a kind of literal obfuscation of the landscape, lending her paintings a softness (something not often associated with the bush).

The landscape appears as if through a clouded lens, or a dense fog. So too Lowry’s characteristic palette, with its frequent turning to red and pink tones, lends the work a dreamy, nostalgic quality.

Exhibition opens: 6–8pm Thursday 18 October 2018
Exhibition closes: 11 November 2018
Location: Martin Browne Contemporary, 15 Hampden Street, Paddington, NSW 2021
Phone: +61 9331 7997


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