Fred Cress: Full Circle - Art Collector

Fred Cress, ‘Give and take’, 2005. Acrylic on canvas, 44 x 96 x 8cm. Courtesy: the artist and Australian Galleries, Paddington.

  Full Circle showcases key pieces throughout Fred Cress’ long and prolific career and will be presented concurrently across the two gallery spaces. This significant exhibition will coincide with what would have been Fred Cress’ 80th birthday.

Fred Cress began as a figurative painter, but established his reputation in Australia as an abstract painter, only to astonish the art world by returning to figuration in 1988.

Cress is constantly drawing attention to painterly contrivance. Powerful perspectival composition is balanced by the strong rhythms across the surface driven by the deeply modelled figures. Just like any good abstractionist, colour areas are coordinated across the surface of the painting to create a unity of the picture plane, often with light coming from several sources rather than just the one as seen in traditional figurative painting. Colour is not used descriptively, but as a device to unify the surface.

Exhibition opens: 6-8pm, Tuesday 10 July 2018
Exhibition closes: 29 July 2018
Location: Australian Galleries, 15 Roylston St, Paddington NSW 2021 and Annette Larkin Fine Art, 4/8 Soudan Ln, Paddington NSW 2021
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Phone: +61 2 9360 5177 or 02 9332 4614
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