Gabby Bell: Wash Up - Art Collector

Gabby Bell, No Lies [detail], 2012. Mirror, bone, plastic. Courtesy: the artist.

An exhibition of discarded objects symbolically used to give reflective nuance to some of the points and queries on the Australian mind of artist, Gabby Bell. One of the difficulties we face is the abundance of waste. We have rubbished space. We have rubbished the land. We have rubbished the oceans. What better resource for an artist to use to create a visual language than the rubbish itself. Bell considers this a legacy, using objects such as windows, torches, spectacles, and light bulbs as a metaphor for seeing. TIME will be the great decider. How will it all WASHUP?

Opening drinks: 1.30- 3.30pm Saturday 31 March
Exhibition closes: 22 April 2012
Location: Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, 531 Ruthven Street, Toowoomba
Contact: 07 4688 6652

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