Garry Anderson:Pea Eaters and Venetians – Part II Venetians - Art Collector

Garry Anderson Venetian Nightshift II, Oil on board 42 x 56cm.

The second part of the Garry Anderson survey, the Venetians are the paintings Albert Tucker never found the time to paint. In the spirit of the Australian Modernists, they are a parody of surveillance and neighbourhood watch. Anderson says the form of the Venetians ‘pre-dates modern history, going back to Egyptian and even Aboriginal simplified mark making that focuses on the eye. One eye expressing mono focus, dogma, the obsession with security. In the Modernist tradition, these works both celebrate and warn the human impulse. But they are new paintings that discuss current freedom of speech and surveillance issues.

Exhibition opens: 2pm Sunday 21 August 2016
Location: Fox Galleries, 79 Langridge Street, Collingwood
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