Georgie Maddox: Subdivision - Art Collector

Georgie Maddox, West Byron Development 2016. Oil on canvas with cotton thread, 39 × 39 × 10cm. Courtesy of the artist and Tweed Regional Gallery, NSW.

Subdivision comments on the IKEA-inspired throw away generation of today. Local artist Georgie Maddox explores the effects of consumer culture on sustainability, as well as the broader environmental impacts on our natural landscape. Each work is created in oil on canvas and depicts an abstracted landscape within Northern NSW, where the artist states, “there is a constant battle between progress verses conservation of the natural land”. The works provide visual communication of these key issues through deconstruction – cutting, ripping, tearing – then reconstruction – compiling, realigning, restitching thus creating a new aesthetic and perspective of the original landscape artwork. The resulting artworks remind the viewer that once something has been destroyed, it can never be fully restored. Our natural environment is irreplaceable, precious and unique, just as our interaction with the land permanently alters and changes it for future generations.

Exhibition opens:
25 May 2018
Exhibition closes:
15 July 2018
Tweed Regional Gallery, 2 Mistral Road Murwillumbah NSW 2484
(02) 6670 2790
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