Gerard Vaughan retires from NGV - Art Collector

12 September 2011 | After 13 years with the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, director Gerard Vaughan has announced his retirement. He will finish up with the gallery in July next year.

“In any field of endeavour knowing when to leave a role is crucial,” says Vaughan. “I believe this is the right time to bow out.”

It is something that has been coming for awhile. “In 2011 NGV celebrated its 150th anniversary … It was always my intention to complete this marvellous milestone and then look to my own future.”

In his time as director Vaughan believes one of his most satisfying achievements was the NGV redevelopment. He was also responsible for major exhibitions including The
Impressionists: Masterpieces from the MusÄ—e d’Orsay, Picasso: Love & War 1935-1945, Salvador Dali: Liquid Desire and this year’s Vienna: Art & Design, along with introducing the NGV’s Melbourne Winter Masterpieces series.

Allan Myers from the gallery’s council of trustees also pointed to Vaughan’s contribution to fundraising, which he says has been “transforming” for the gallery. The NGV is now two thirds of the way towards its goal of raising $150 million in cash, bequests and artworks.

Vaughan will not be leaving the art world when he retires and is planning to spend some time researching and writing art history.

A replacement has yet to be decided.

The announcement comes only a month after Edmund Capon announced his retirement from the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney.

Jane O'Sullivan

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