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Eye of God (Large Hadron Collider), 2010. Oil and resin on polyester canvas. 65 x 105cm

28 May 2012 | United Kingdom-born artist Giles Alexander’s show E=mc2? opens at Fine Art Society in London this week. It his first solo exhibition with the gallery and features a new series of photorealist paintings.

In this show, named after Albert Einstein’s most well-known formula, Alexander reflects on power hierarchies and ways of thinking which are becoming obsolete as new scientific ideas are being discovered.

Giles says in a press release about the exhibition: “In a time of increasing ecological uncertainty, human endeavours to better understand their place in the universe appear to be underpinned by a subconscious / conscious search for new territories. These paintings draw on religious and historical iconography to present a literal relationship between what has provided definition to us in the past, the present, and to what lies ahead.”

The twice-listed Archibald Prize finalist is currently completing a Masters of Fine Arts in Sydney and has shown at various art fairs including Melbourne, Milan and Hong Kong.

E=mc2? will be on show until 23 June 2012.

Amy Yang

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