Girringun Aboriginal Art - Art Collector

Doris Kinjun, Bundyaydinyu Bagu, 2013. Courtesy: the artist and Girringun Aboriginal Art Centre, Queensland.

Emerging from the rainforest canopy and an age old tradition of object making, the artwork of Aboriginal artists working with the Girringun Aboriginal Art Centre is bursting with a raw energy and vibrancy that demands attention.
Increasingly sought out by collectors, their work is represented in major institutions and collections across Australia.

A continuing close connection to place and honouring of Aboriginal law and culture provides inspiration for artwork which embraces traditional and contemporary concepts.

The stories and environments of the tropical north are transformed into visual images and designs by weavers, painter, potters, textile artists and makers of traditional objects.
Based in Cardwell in far north Queensland the Girringun Aboriginal Art Centre works with artists from the nine Traditional Owner groups it represents: the Nywaigi; Gugu Badhun; Warrgamay; Warungnu; Bandjin; Girramay; Gulnay; Jirrbal; and Djiru peoples.

Current artists

  • Abe Muriata
  • Alison Murray
  • Betty Andy
  • Charlotte Beeron
  • Chris Kennedy
  • Clarence Kinjun
  • Daniel Beeron
  • Davina Harries
  • Debra Murray
  • Denise Kennedy
  • Doris Kinjun
  • Eileen Tep
  • Elizabeth Nolan
  • Emily Murray
  • Ethel Murray
  • George Beeron
  • Gloria Andy
  • Grace Reid
  • John Murray
  • Judith Henry
  • Leonard Andy
  • Marjorie Kinjun
  • Maureen Beeeron
  • Nancy Beeron
  • Nancy Cowan
  • Nephi Denham
  • Nina Andy
  • Ninney Murray
  • Theresa Beeron
  • Tonya Grant
  • Trish Beeron
  • Sally Murray

Access information

The organisation is based in Cardwell on the coast of North Queensland located on the Bruce Highway midway between the major centres of Townsville and Cairns. The centre has a shop in Cardwell.

Girringun Aboriginal Art
235 Victoria Street
Cardwell QLD 4849

Phone: 07 4066 8300
Fax: 07 4066 2466