Glenn Barkley: Imayimightimust - Art Collector

Glenn Barkley, pox pot landscape still life, 2018. Earthenware and paint, dimensions variable. Courtesy: the artist and Sullivan + Strumpf, Sydney

  Sullivan + Strumpf Sydney presents new work by ceramic artist and curator Glenn Barkley.

“I keep returning to the idea of time. Time has a particular relevance to ceramics which can come to us from the past looking exactly the same as the day they were made – 5, 50, 500 or 5000 years ago,” says the artist.

“I am also returning to a subject, history, that fascinated me as a teenager Reading of the efforts of the archaeologist Schliemann and Evans – whose sometimes-ham-fisted excavations both obliterated and bought to light the past in a swashbuckling romantic way - are lodged in my brain.”

Exhibition opens: 6-8pm Thursday 7 June 2018
Exhibition closes: 23 June 2018
Location: 799 Elizabeth St, Zetland NSW 2017
Phone: +61 2 9698 4696


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