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12 April 2012 | Google Art Project has garnered the support of 150 museums around the world including six Australian cultural institutions.

The line up so far includes the National Gallery of Australia, the Art Gallery of New South Wales, The National Gallery of Victoria, and MCA Australia.

The Art Project allows anyone with internet to view photos of artworks and see exhibitions in high resolution with an extra option to examine works through a 46 gigapixel zoom. This allows visitors to uncover brushstroke detail normally invisible to the naked eye.

Visitors can also take virtual tours through galleries such as the Tate Britain and the Metropolitan Museum of Contemporary Art in New York using Google Street View.

The Art Gallery of New South Wales has already launched 415 works from across its collection since it signed up to the Art Project late last week. Google Art Project began in February last year and has accumulated more than 12 million visits.

Amy Yang

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