Graeme Peebles: Big Midden - Art Collector

Graeme Peebles, Big Midden, 2013, mezzotint. Courtesy: the artist and The Art Vault, Victoria

Archaeologists recently found a cave system in Europe that had been occupied by humans 25,000 years ago. They had a high proportion of shellfish in their diet and used to throw the discarded shells down the back of the cave. After an estimated 600 years they had filled the entire cave with shells and had to find another place to live. Inspired by this find, Big Midden pays homage to teenage bedrooms everywhere.

Exhibition opens: 6pm Wednesday 9 October 2013
Exhibition closes: 28 October 2013
Location: The Art Vault, 43 Deakin Avenue, Mildura VIC 3502
Contact: 03 5022 0013

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