Graham Lang: Innertides - Art Collector

Graham Lang, ‘Blink’, 2018. Oil on board, 91.5 x 122cm. Courtesy: the artist and Despard Gallery, Hobart.

"This collection continues some old obsessions in its attempt to evoke the human condition via animal/landscape surrogates. Paintings seek to symbolise the existential reciprocity of place and identity via the morphing of landscape and the human head, implying the transformative power of place as an inner prism through which we comprehend and adapt to the world. These works can therefore be seen both as a universal and personal homage to the internalised landscapes that shape our lives.” Graham Lang, November 2018

Exhibition Opens: 5-7pm, Wednesday 14 November 2018
Exhibition Closes: 9 December 2018
Location: Despard Gallery, Level 1, 15 Castray Esplanade , Hobart
Phone: 03 6223 8266 


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