Gregor Kregar: Reflective Illuminations - Art Collector

Gregor Kregar, Reflective Illuminations 1, 2012. Aluminium and neon lights, 100 x 135 x 100cm. Courtesy: the artist and Fehily Contemporary, Melbourne

Reflective Illuminations is an exhibition of Gregor Kregar's geometric stainless steel sculptures. These large polyhedron structures are poised between the cold mathematics that inform their structure and the seemingly organic way they seem to twist and gnarl. Their mirror-polished reflective surfaces blur boundaries between subject, viewer and environment, while the neon's wash of colour seems to play with this conceptual unruliness. The sculptures in this exhibition continue Kregar's fascination with the uncanny, standing as tall and complex monuments to the power of ambiguity.

Opening: 3pm Saturday 10 November 2012
Exhibition closes: 1 December 2012
Location: Fehily Contemporary, 3A Glasshouse Road, Collingwood VIC 3066
Contact: 03 9017 0860

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