Gregory Hodge: Signs - Art Collector

Gregory Hodge,Tear Drop 2017. Acrylic on canvas. 198x 152.4cm. Courtesy of The Artist and Sullivan+Strumpf, Sydney.

Sullivan+Strumpf is pleased to present Signs, an exhibition of new paintings by Gregory Hodge. The works are richly informed by art and performative histories; the avant-garde movements of cubism and the Italian futurists who experimented with a dynamic abstract form of theatre in which light, colour and architectural forms stood in for the performing body on stage. Primarily working from suspended constructions built in his studio, Hodge's abstract paintings resemble folded drapery, foliage and elaborate performing figures.

"In this new body of work I have began to incorporate new painted surfaces that resemble textiles, carpets, geological forms as well as the crater-like surface of the moon. These new elements together with the illusionistic gesture, a painterly device I have worked with for some time, read as being both image and abstraction. In my studio I have samples of carpets as well as photocopies of rocks and empty architectural space. I enjoy trying to mimic the textural and material properties of these objects and the painterly problem solving that comes with it. Similarly to how I have adapted and refined brushes and tools to generate a variety of gestural marks, these new textural surfaces have required a new set of invented tools that I have developed in the studio." – Gregory Hodge, 2017

Exhibition Opens: 3pm-5pm, Saturday 18 November 2017
Exhibition Closes: 22 December 2017
Location: Sullivan+Strumpf, 799 Elizabeth St, Zetland NSW 2017
Contact: +61 2 9698 4696
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