Greyscale - Art Collector

Peter Burgess, made in england - oak/oak, 2013-14, digital print on Hahnehmuhle Photo rag 308gsm, 111cmx215cm. Courtesy: Glasshouse Regional Gallery

 Rather than a colour, greyscale defines a spectrum between two binaries, filling in and describing the void between the two opposites. Grey contains all of this, but is not any one point in the spectrum and becomes as such defined by its surroundings.

Grey is neutral, and acts as a space for possibility unencumbered by pre-existing influences. An uncertain space, apt for imaginings allowing things to exist in something other than black and white. This nuance fills in the voids to round out forms and expose details that would otherwise slip between. It both reflects and absorbs the light around it, giving form and structure. But grey is also a murky space, associated with deep memories and dreams, where ideas emerge and recede in a fog, able to exist as something only half conceived or half forgotten.

This exhibition brings together the work of five artists who share in the use of a greyscale, beyond the apparent look, but also in a subject or philosophy.

The Glasshouse would like to acknowledges Peter Burgess, Adrian Gebers, Pollyxenia Joannou, Lisa Jones and Julia Davis for their support with this exhibition.

  Exhibition opens: 22 January 2016
Exhibition closes: 6 March 2016
Location: Glasshouse Regional Gallery, 32-42 Clarence St, Port Macquarie NSW 2444
Contact: 02 6581 8888

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