Group exhibition: Artists of Badu Island - Art Collector

An artwork by Laurie Nona. Courtesy: the artist and Mossenson Galleries, Subiaco

The artistry of the Badu Island artists, whether intricate prints, expressive castings or passionate dance, convey the intangible, yet undeniable triune bond between the island, its people, and the native wildlife. They tell of the changing of the seasons, the primal forces of the sun, moon, wind and rain, and their eternal influence upon this ancient trinity. This exhibition is a celebration of, and tribute to, the physical and spiritual vitality imbued within this remote island home.

Elucidating the artistic and cultural relationship between contemporary art and traditional performance in the Torres Strait, featured artists Laurie Nona and Alick Tipoti will perform a traditional Badu Island dance. Mossenson Galleries in conjunction with Badu Art Centre is delighted to offer this unique experience.

Exhibition opens: 6-8pm Tuesday 14 April 2015
Exhibition closes: 2 May 2015
Location: Mossenson Galleries, 115 Hay Street, Subiaco WA 6008

Contact: 08 9388 2899

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