Group Exhibition: Backyards - Art Collector

Waratah Lahy, Pink Studio 1, 2017, watercolour and gouache on aquabord, 13 x 13cm. Courtesy the artist and MAY SPACE

The idea of a big backyard has long been considered an essential element of iconic Australian culture, synonymous with the fading aspirational ideal of a quarter acre block and a modest home. Our backyards are important spaces; mostly private, they can be practical, useful and fanciful, providing a space for imagination, creativity, toys, pets, projects and failed ambitions.

As times change, notions of what we regard as our own backyard also changes and broadens. The artists in this exhibition have observed and explored significant environments in their lives. The places from which they draw inspiration include gardens, both public and private, suburban streets, local neighborhoods and bigger and wilder spaces left mostly untrammeled by development. From representative to abstract painting, ceramics to 4K HD animation, the patterns of observing and intimately engaging with these spaces emerge through the colours, textures and images created to articulate experience and place.

Featuring work by Anne-Marie Jean, Waratah Lahy, Leo Robba, Erica Seccombe, Lia Tajcnar, Jennifer Taylor, and Ruth Waller.

Exhibition Opens: 3pm-5pm, Saturday 23 September 2017
Exhibition Closes: 7 October 2017
Location: MAY SPACE, 409b George Street, Waterloo NSW 2017
Contact: +61 2 9318 1122
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