Group Exhibition: Being Tiwi - Art Collector

Maria Josette Orsto, Kulama, 2010. Japanese-style woodcut on Kozo Heavy paper, 33 x 49.8cm. Courtesy of the artist and Glasshouse Regional Gallery

Being Tiwi brings together prints and paintings by nine artists from Australia’s Tiwi Islands. ‘Tiwi’ loosely translates as ‘one people’, and island culture is characterised by a shared belief in the need to keep Tiwi customs alive. The artworks in Being Tiwi highlight how contemporary ideas and visual forms connect to and express transformations in culture. Tiwi motifs and designs (known as Jilamara) draw on a range of influences, the most important being the body painting which accompanies two significant Tiwi ceremonies: Kulama, which celebrates life, and Pukumani, a complex funereal ritual. From the intricate to the gestural, and using yellow, red and white ochres sourced from the islands’ environs, these artworks highlight the distinctiveness of Tiwi iconography.

Exhibition opens: 5pm-7pm, Saturday 8 July 2017
Exhibition closes: 3 September 2017
Location: Glasshouse Regional Gallery, Corner of Clarence and Hay Streets, Port Macquarie, NSW, 2444
Contact: +61 2 6581 8888
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