Group Exhibition: Echo - Art Collector

Honor Freeman, Scrub Landscape, 2012.
Wheel thrown, handbuilt and slipcast porcelain. 9.5 x 29 x 17cm. Courtesy: Craig Arnold

Sabbia Gallery presents Echo, a joint exhibition by South Australian artists Wendy Fairclough and Honor Freeman. This is an exhibition by two of Australia’s most innovative contemporary makers, which has been three years in the planning. Both artists have a fascination for the still life genre in their chosen mediums of glass and ceramics.
This exhibition will be a thoughtful and engaging study of domesticity and the everyday by two artists that echo each other’s work. Yet while their approach to the subject matter and the materials they use in their artwork differ, they both create narratives out of unexpected unions of objects and materials.

Opening drinks: 3-5pm Saturday 28 July
Location: Sabbia Gallery, 120 Glenmore Rd, Paddington 2021
Contact: 02 9361 6448

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