Group Exhibition: Enmeshed: Woven artworks from the Ararat Regional Art Gallery Collection - Art Collector

John Corbett , Hammock 1974 . Hand spun and dyed wool. 43 cm x213 cm x 128 cm. Courtesy of the Artist and Ararat Regional Art Gallery Collection

Since the early 1970s Ararat has been dedicated to contemporary textile art and holds the most comprehensive collection of textile and fibre art in Australia. Spanning the heady days of the 1970s through to now, Enmeshed features works by John Corbett, Ewa Pachuka and Jutta Fedderson alongside more contemporary artists including Kate Just, Sebastian Di Mauro and Lucy Irvine who take the idea of weaving in fresh, new directions

Exploring the ways artists use textile and fibre materials and techniques to push the boundaries; we celebrate artists that revive and re-imagine traditional and modern textile craft and design traditions

Exhibition opens: Thursday 14 December 2017
Exhibition closes: 4 March 2018
Location: Horsham Regional Art Gallery, 80 Wilson Street, Horsham VIC 3400
Contact: +61 3 5382 9575
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