Group Exhibition: Familiar Stranger - Art Collector

Shumon Ahmed, What I have forgotten could fill an ocean, what is not real never lived, 2013. Polaroid photos, analogue telephone set, original soundtrack composed by Yusuf Khan and recited by Nader Salam. Courtesy the artist and Samdani Art Foundation & Project88, Mumbai, India.

Artists exhibited: Shumon Ahmed, Chun Yin Rainbow Chan, Bashir Makhoul, Veer Munshi, Shireen Taweel and Curtis Taylor.

The reconciliation between memory and reality plagues the act of returning. There is no resolution between the two. Memories are etched into the psyche hinged on topographical monuments, whispered words and subconscious everyday patterns while reality erases such symbolism through the passing of time.

Familiar Stranger examines this third, non-existent space that plagues the returnee as they seek to retrace their memories in places that have been rebuilt or re-inscribed. With familiarity reduced to invisible archaeological sites the returnee searches for recognition and legitimacy in a now unacquainted geography.

Exhibition opens: 6pm-8pm, Thursday 6 April 2017
Exhibition closes: 21 May 2017
Location: 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, 181-187 Hay Street, Haymarket, Sydney
Contact: 02 9212 0380

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