Group Exhibition: JAF Perkins - Art Collector

JAF Perkins, Queen of the Island Lesbos, 2011.

A.F Perkins (Justin) is a naive surrealist who likes to call himself a post-humorist. We have seen his post-humorist musing in his Bovine-erotica drawings, which have brought a wry smile an uncomfortable giggles to the viewer.

Now he turns his eye and cartoon palette to the Greek classic “Jason and the Argonauts”. With his
need to keep simple and to the point he does not deliver the 84 heroes, but for Jason and Medea.
Instead he gives us images, which act more like chapter headings and thus leading us to the key
points of the human narrative that Jason, and the Argonauts deliver.

Opening drinks: 4-6pm Saturday 3 March
Exhibition closes: 18 March 2012
Location: 69 Smith St Gallery, 69 Smith St, Fitzroy 3065
Contact: 0429 685 280

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