Group exhibition: Meghan Potter and Elwira Titan - Art Collector

  Courtesy: the artist and M Contemporary.

 Meghan Potter, recently a part of .M Contemporary’s Mythology of My Land group show, has created a body of vibrant and expressive works inspired by her local flora and fauna. These pieces serve as a meditation, not solely on the local intricacies of her subjects but on the biological complexities of the natural environment. Potter’s works are purposely obscured; affectively emphasizing a distance between the viewer and subject as well as the strangeness and phenomenal truth of the visual world.

Elwira Titan’s work investigates the realms of nano-technology in an attempt to locate a contemporary form of the sublime. By redeveloping images that were created by manually applying binary codes to canvas and then changing them digitally to pixels she creates a visual dialogue that explores the infinity of minutiae.

Exhibition opens: 3-5pm Saturday 1 August 2015
Exhibition closes: 29 August 2015
Location: M Contemporary, 37 Ocean Street Woollahra NSW 2025

Contact: 02 9328 0922

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