Group exhibition: Mythology of my Land - Art Collector

  Courtesy: the artist and M Contemporary, Woollahra.

 A group exhibition exploring the cultural, social and religious traditions of ones own land through myths, stories and creation. Featuring Australian and international artists offering unique perspectives of geographical belonging.

Artists include:

Adam Cusack
Alex Karaconji
Ben Stone Herbert
Christina Lucia Giuffrida
Conrad Botes
Eloise Cato
Jacqueline Ball
James R Ford
Jasmine Poole
Joe Wilson
Joel Crosswell
Joy Ivill
Laura Ellenberger
Laura E Kennedy
Luara Turner and Joe Florio
Lee Sang Hyun
Lola Alexander
Luke Thurgate
Meaghan Potter
Meg Livingstone
Paulo do Prado
Peculiar Annes
Philip Weiss Tornes
Rebecca Gallo
Rhiannon Hopley
Robbie Harmsworth
Sera Waters
Will Coles

Exhibition opens: 3-5pm Saturday 2 May 2015
Exhibition closes: 31 May 2015
Location: M Contemporary, 37 Ocean Street Woollahra NSW 2025

Contact: 02 9328 0922

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