Group Exhibition: Nature 3 Ways of Seeing - Art Collector

Mark Fox, Rock Pile and Rainbow. Oil on canvas, diptych. 92 x 235cm

When artists Mark Fox, Amanda Blake-Sutterby, and Philip Adams observe plants, landscapes and the effects of atmosphere, unique and personal interpretations emerge.

Paintings by Mark Fox delve deep into the substance of the natural world, connecting us with the powerful elements of nature.

Amanda Blake-Sutterby’s sensitive botanical studies in watercolour and gouache depict details in nature that many overlook, capturing beauty in simple things.

Philip Adams’ evocative landscape paintings allow us to experience constantly shifting viewpoints and weather conditions, raising our perception of landscape and how we see the world.

Opening: 5-7pm Saturday 26 May
Exhibition closes: 9 June 2012
Location: Metropolis Gallery, 64 Ryrie Street Geelong 3220
Contact: 03 5221 6505

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