Group exhibition: Ocular Fusion - Art Collector

Untitled #20, 2016. Acrylic on paper, 28.9 x 38.4cm.
Courtesy: the artist and Jensen/ Fox Jensen, Sydney/ Auckland.

The filtering of vision’s superfluous data is at the heart of these artists’ practices. Each seems to want to condense the vapors and volatility of vision, not to trap or distill it necessarily but to acknowledge that acuity doesn’t necessarily deliver clarity, that zealous description can erode the atmosphere of meaning.

Picasso said “art is a lie that makes us realise truth…” and when paintings accept the fluctuation and instability of vision and indeed the conditions under which they are made, then their fidelity amounts to more than high definition.

Exhibition opens: 5.30-7.30pm Thursday 22 September 2016
Exhibition closes: 22 October 2016
Location: Fox Jensen Gallery, 10 Putiki Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland
Contact: +6493609161

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