Group Exhibition: On a Tangent - Art Collector

Cathy Staughton, ‘Catherine Bell Lady Hot Dress’ 2017. Acrylic on canvas, 92 x 84cm. Courtesy: Catherine Bell, Copyright Cathy Staughton.

‘On a Tangent’ explores the artistic practice of several contemporary artists and the tangential forces on their work. Some artworks have developed unintentionally through other projects, anecdotal evidence of different intentions or a change of course; some works are a creative exchange between artists; others have developed through fleeting, personal encounters or see the possibility of the unremarkable reinvented. Exploring geometric and philosophical meanings in tangent, visitors are encouraged to go off on their own tangents, to be lead down the garden path. Curated by Michelle Mountain (HRCC Gallery Curator).

Exhibition opens: Saturday 15 December 2018

Exhibition closes: 24 February 2019                   

Location: Horsham Regional Art Gallery, 80 Wilson Street, Horsham Victoria 3400


Phone: +613 5382 9575



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