Group Exhibition: Out of Line - Art Collector

Anastasia Parmson, Untitled (My Space at May Space) 2017. Mixed media installation. Dimensions variable. Courtesy of The Artist and May Space Gallery, Sydney.

Most works of art start with a simple line, whether that be for a preparatory sketch or giving form to an idea. The field of drawing is therefore one brimming with possibilities, innovation, and cross-pollination. Out of Line will pay homage to the fundamental nature of drawing, whilst also aiming to see these lines jump off the page, defy expectations and merge with other fields. This group exhibition will provide a survey of how drawing-based practices comprise a variety of aesthetics, mediums and technologies.

Active in the feminist avant-garde of the 70’s, Hunter focused on the female gaze, opening up thinking about the intersection of feminism, new technologies, and a disruptive epoch. Prescient in their understanding of the manipulation of the consumer and saturation of sexual visual language, her images are eloquent harbingers of our obsessive Instagram era.

Exhibition Opens: 3pm - 5pm, Saturday 11 November 2017
Exhibition Closes:
25 November 2017
Location: MAY SPACE, 409b George Street, Waterloo NSW 2017
Contact: +64 2 9318 1122
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