Group Exhibition: Picturesque - Art Collector

Courtesy: Palmer Art Projects, Sydney

Tristian Koenig in association with Diana Palmer is delighted to announce the opening of Picturesque - a pop-up exhibition of selected works by Benjamin Barretto, Ry David Bradley, Andre Hemer, Ziggy Grudzinskas and Samson Martin in Sydney at Palmer Art Projects’ Woollahra gallery space. The exhibition coincides with Tristian Koenig’s participation in the inaugural CODE Art Fair, Copenhagen, August 25-28th.

Within art history, the term ’picturesque’ originates in 18th century aesthetic theory. Sitting between the opposing poles of the ‘sublime’ and ‘beautiful’, the picturesque was a category of aesthetic experience derived from the Italian term pittoresco; 'in the manner of a painter'. For the present exhibition, 'picturesque' is used in this more etymological sense, however in an updated capacity. It describes unorthodox material positions, conceptual strategies and painterly gestures that mimic conventional articulations of painterly practice, though each artist works from a significantly divergent position, moving the media forward, within the ever expansive discourse of contemporary painting.

Exhibition opens: 6-8pm 19 August 2016
Location:Palmer Art Projects Suite 2/82 Queen Street, Woollahra NSW 2025
Contact: 0402568702
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